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WEBINAR - Safeguarding Your Enterprise from Risks of Generative AI & LLM

Explore the opportunities and challenges of utilizing Generative AI and LLMs tools, and learn actionable recommendations to manage potential risks responsibly.


Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) can enhance business productivity and innovation, but also present potential risks such as confidentiality breaches and data privacy violations. Our team explores the challenges and opportunities of utilizing these powerful tools, and provides actionable recommendations for enterprises to responsibly manage these risks and implement Generative AI and LLMs in their systems.


In this webinar, our team discusses the potential of generative AI and LLM tools like ChatGPT in revolutionizing the business landscape and improving productivity, efficiency, and innovation. However, using these tools can also pose hidden dangers and risks, including ethical concerns, data breaches, and IP infringement. The speaker presents recommendations for enterprises to safeguard themselves and responsibly manage these risks while utilizing the technology. The webinar also features real-world examples of a virtual assistant in healthcare and LLM-assisted software development. Please view the video, as we delve into the world of generative AI, explore its potential pitfalls, and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate risks and safely integrate AI into your business operations.

Speaker: Manpreet Dash

Moderator: Mukul Dongre

Panelists: Yuvaraj Govindarajulu, Shiv Kumar